Bridge Construction Video Workbook


Watch a bridge documentary video and learn new Construction English.

The ‘Phu My Bridge’ in Ho Chi Minh City is a beautiful cable-stayed bridge.  The engineers and contractors used many interesting techniques to build it.  Watch the video and download the workbook to learn more!

Product includes a 4-page workbook and answers:

1. 20 new words and vocabulary matching exercises

2. 15 fill-in-the blank/sentence completion questions

3. 10 listening comprehension questions

4.  6  Writing or discussion questions for use with pairs or small groups.

English Level:  Intermediate/High Intermediate (CEFR B1 or above)



The goals of the lesson are:

• Practice listening for both general ideas and specific information.
• Learn/review assorted vocabulary about project management, engineering and construction.
• Reinforce and practice these expressions in short writing and speaking exercises.
• Practice critical thinking with the target language by relating and connecting it to real situations in your current and past projects

Bridge Project Information:

Design: Cable­stayed bridge
Material: Concrete
Total length: 2,100 metres (6,900 ft)
Width: 27 metres (89 ft)
Height: 145 metres (476 ft)
Longest span:  380 metres (1,250 ft)
Piers in water:  2

The Phu My Bridge spans the Saigon River between Districts 7 and 2 in Ho Chi  Minh City.  The bridge was constructed from March 2007 to September 2009 by a consortium consisting of Baulderstone, BilfingerBerger, Freyssinet International (cable stays and stressing), and the Vietnamese company CC620 (concrete, formwork, etc.) and was designed by the French consultant Arcadis (design of the main bridge) and Cardno (design of the approaches). The project manager for theproject was AECOM.




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