Design and construction have specific language.

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Specific language builds clear communication.

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Clear communication builds successful projects and careers.

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What is Construction English?

Construction English is specific language for a specific purpose:  your success!

General English lessons don't teach the specific words used in architecture, engineering and construction.  Using the right words and expressions makes your ideas clear and easy to understand, opens new job opportunities, and helps your projects succeed. 

Construction English helps you learn real English used in real world design and construction.

Who is Construction English for?

Everyone! However, the lessons are specially designed for professionals and students who are learning English as a second language (ESL):


  • Engineers and Architects
  • Construction managers, site engineers, superintendents and staff
  • Fabricators and operators; product vendors and suppliers
  • Developers and owners
  • Teachers and translators
  • Anyone interested in or connected to the design and construction process

How does Construction English work?

The Construction English Method uses key words and word combinations to teach and explore important language in authentic, real, and interesting ways.

These words are carefully chosen by doing a computer analysis of millions of words from professional books and manuals:

How can I learn more?

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Welcome to Construction English!