Useful Links

Here are some helpful links about Construction, Engineering, and Architecture.... and English!

Construction case studies and project reports

Construction News UK: a great resource for news in Europe and technical information.

The Nickel Institute: an excellent case studies resource with lots of good technical information

The Whole Building Design Guide:  lots of information about sustainable architecture with case studies for built projects.

DPR Construction:  a major global player with some examples of built projects

Turner Construction:  useful information and news from another major global player

General English Learning Resources

Construction English will help you learn specific words and expressions related to your career.  For more general grammar lessons, check out these websites:

VOA learning English:  learn English by reading the news!

BBC learning English: The BBC has a great selection of free lessons for many levels.

Merriam Webster's Learner's Dictionary: a great vocabulary resource that helps show words in context.

SKELL:  an excellent, helpful tool that shows common word combinations and collocations.